SWD2.2.1 Career Opportunities & Mobility for Healthcare Industry

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Age 11 & onwards (Self-Directed)  


1.5 hours

Delivery Strategy

Blended Experiential e-Learning

·        One to one online learner care, coaching, mentoring & support

·        Technology-Enabled Learning Management System to

o   Promote Community of Practices of Innovation & Sustainability

o   Build Competitive Resume

o   Gain Industrial Exposure

o   Develop Future Skills

·        Asynchronous (Self-Directed) e-learning @ FoW LMS COSP (Future of Work Learning Management System for Communities of Skills Practices)

·        Synchronous (Virtual Classroom) e-learning @ FoW MS Teams Meet

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Workshop Series Synopsis


4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) is one of the significant global mega forces which is increasingly transforming and interconnecting the ways we think, live, work, play and learn, especially driven by Global Pandemic which significantly impact on our Global Future Economy & Society. As the advancement of the technologies rapidly outpaces that of the education, the disruptive impacts of 4IR on the education today and the future of work contribute to the Skills Crisis! Skills Crisis is a global phenomenal outcry of increasing high unemployment and social-psychological issues among the young people and the vulnerable groups due to high-skills shortage and negative impact of digital technologies. It is a key concern to both the societies and the *individuals, including vulnerable groups, professionals, educators, parents, the young people and our children (who are our Future).


The Career Opportunities & Mobility workshop for the Future of Work is to promote skills mastery and lifelong learning among these *individuals for an Industry of your interests. Through this workshop, *individuals are equipped to make informed decisions about career choices, as well as take responsibility for skills development and career planning.


To mitigate these challenges and risks, and to seize the opportunities in the future of work as driven by 4IR, this workshop help *individuals to rethink about the purpose of learning and performance and prepare each of us to identify relevant enduring & emerging Skills of the Future, develop skills mastery and lifelong learning mindsets situated in the 4IR Real World Contexts and Industry Transformation Maps as follows:

  • Ride on “Global Forward Auction” in the Future of Work. Build success with Competitive Skills Portfolio for your Resume!
  • Gain from 1st rule to success for the Future of Work. Invest in Industrial Exposure!
  • Immune from Skills Crisis in the Future of Work. Equip with enduring & emerging Skills of the Future!


Learning Outcomes:


Career Opportunities & Mobility for the Future of Work of an Industry of your interests:

  1. Sector and Employment Opportunities
  2. Career Pathways
  3. Occupations & Job Roles
  4. Existing & Emerging Skills
  5. Renew, Upgrade and Deepen Skills
    1. Plan for career opportunities, mobility, development & transitions
    2. Recognised skills and competencies required for the intended job role
    3. Identify learning opportunities to upgrade and deepen skills at the Communities of Skills Practices @ FoW


Aligned to OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development)

Future of Education and Skills 2030:

  • How we can prepare ourselves for jobs that have not yet been created, to tackle societal challenges that we can’t yet imagine, and to use technologies that have not yet been invented
  • How we can equip ourselves to thrive in an interconnected world where we need to understand and appreciate different perspectives and world views, interact respectfully with others, and take responsible action towards sustainability and collective well-being


Awareness of the importance of these 16 Critical Core Skills (CCS) introduced in Aug 2020 by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) which are critical learning foundation for each Individual in Skills Development and Career Planning

  1. Thinking Critically
    • Creative Thinking - Adopt diverse perspectives in combining ideas or information and making connections between different fields to create different ideas, improvements and solutions
    • Decision Making - Choose a course of action from several alternatives developed through a structured process in order to achieve intended goals
    • Problem Solving - Generate effective and efficient solutions to solve problems and capitalise on new opportunities
    • Sense Making - Leverage sources of qualitative and quantitative information and data to recognise patterns, spot opportunities, infer insights and inform decisions
    • Transdisciplinary Thinking - Apply concepts from multiple disciplines, and synthesise different areas of knowledge and insights to guide decisions, foster cooperation and drive continuous improvement
  2. Interacting with Others
    • Building Diversity - Collaborate with stakeholders from different backgrounds or with different abilities, including diversity dimensions such as race, ethnicity, religion, gender orientation, age, physical and learning ability, education, socio-economic status and political belief, to understand the interests of diverse groups and build an inclusive work environment
    • Collaboration - Manage relationships and work collaboratively and effectively with others to achieve goals
    • Communication - Convey and exchange thoughts, ideas and information effectively through various mediums and approaches
    • Customer Orientation - Identify the needs of customers, both internal and external, to deliver an effective customer experience
    • Developing People - Empower others to learn and develop their capabilities to enhance their performance and achieve personal or professional goals
    • Influence - Influence behaviours, beliefs or attitudes in order to achieve desired outcomes and solutions
  3. Staying Relevant
    • Adaptability - Exercise flexibility in behaviours or approaches to respond to changes and evolving contexts
    • Digital Fluency - Leverage digital technology tools, systems, and software across work processes and activities to solve problems, drive efficiency and facilitate information sharing
    • Global Perspective - Operate in cross-cultural environments, demonstrating an awareness of the wider global context and markets to identify potential opportunities and risks
    • Learning Agility - Deploy different learning approaches which enable continuous learning across different contexts to drive self development and the achievement of long-term career goals
    • Self Management -Take ownership of managing one’s personal effectiveness, personal brand and holistic physical, mental, emotional and social well-being


Gain Industrial Exposure from relevant skills development & career planning directly applicable to 6 Economic Clusters of Industry Transformation Maps that contribute to 80% of our GDP (Source: MTI)

  1. Manufacturing
  2. Built Environment
  3. Trade & Connectivity
  4. Essential Domestic Services
  5. Modern Services
  6. Lifestyle


Co-developed By Jonathan Lee (LinkedIn), WSQ Developer

  • Master Skills & Workforce Developer (Head of Institute, WSQ Management Representative)
  • Specialist Infocomm Professional (Chief Digitisation Officer, Chief Informaton Officer)
  • AEP-Specialist Adult Educator (Curriculum Development) @ IAL (Institute for Adult Learning Singapore)
    • Future Economy, Industry Transformation, Future of Work, Future Skills
  • SkillsFuture Study Award (Training & Adult Education) 2017
  • Productivity & Quality, Innovation & Teamwork Awards (1997 – 1999) @ Temasek Polytechnic
  • Transformational Leadership Advocate, Developer, Facilitator, Mentor & Coach aligning to ICF (International Coaching Federation) Core Competencies
  • MSc Skills & Workforce Development @ IAL / Cardiff University
  • BSc Computer and Information Sciences @ NUS
  • Certificate of Introduction to Basic Legal Principle @ NUS Law Faculty
  • Graduate Diploma in TESOL @ LTTC
  • MOM Accredited Certificate for Employment Intermediaries for Key Appointment Holders


More than 30 years of Transformational Leadership Advocate & Practice in Coummunity Culture & Organisational Development, Youth & Seas Sports, Business Strategy, Skills & Workforce Development, Learning & Performance (since 1988)

  • MOM-WSHC (Workplace Safety & Health Council) Taskforce Member
  • PA Citizens' Consultantive Commitltee Member (has been Assistant Secretary) since 1997
  • PA Citizens' Consultantive Commitltee Communications Workgroup Vice Chair
  • MOE School Advisory Committees Chair/Vice Chair/Member since 2007
  • MOE Service to Education Award Silver (2018) & Pewter (2013)
  • PA Community 20 Years Long Service Award 2018
  • Has been PA Seas Sports Club Management Committee Chair (served since 1988)
  • Has been PA Seas Sports Coordinationg Council Vice Chair (1990s)
  • Has been PAYM Central Youth Council Member (1990s)
  • PAYM Youth Excellence Award 1998 (PA Youth Leader serving since 1988)
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